Did You Used to be R.D. Laing?

Mike Maran
Mike Maran/Elevator East to Edinburgh
Valvona & Crolla

Taking place in the air-conditioned back room of Elm Row's Italian delicatessen, this play features live music by pianist David Milligan and an engaging performance by Mike Maran. It's the story of renowned Glaswegian psychiatrist R. D. Laing, whose contribution to modern mental medicine seems to have involved a lot of listening and understanding of his patients. The man's compassion and caring nature come through well over the course of the show, and, although the target audience probably skews slightly older than the fringe average, those in search of a civilized and, dare I say, educational evening's entertainment will not be disappointed.

Special kudos to Maran for directing himself in this production in a manner which exhibited clear focus and a complete lack of self-indulgence - traits one feels fortunate to find when the same person is responsible for script, acting, and direction.

Reviewer: Rachel Lynn Brody

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