Don Juan

Jackinabox Productions
C eca

Don Juan, like Casanova, has a reputation as a lover and womanizer that begs for believability, even in this day and age.

In the production loosely based on the Molière play, we see Don Juan battling brawn and wits with the Devil. We learn of his escapades and tribulations as life takes on the role of obstacle. And, of course, he meets his foil not just with the Devil but also in the “woman he can’t have”.

This dark production with very few set pieces but rich with costumes and staging captures the attention. It stops short of being too stylized or too literate or too salacious. The acting is spot-on with an engaging Don Juan sparring with a flamboyant devil.

The women are written with minimum of character background and I wish the Devil to be more an intellectual equal but this is an engaging and entertaining piece of theatre.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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