Double Edge's Apple

Underbelly Cowgate

Double Edge’s Apples is a superb original devised piece of dance theatre energetically performed by students from Eton College. These talented 15-year-olds—and they are all boys and that in itself is quite an achievement—performed with passion and total commitment.

It is a strong piece of storytelling that tackles the transition from adolescence to manhood. It is performed at a fast and furious pace under the inspired choreography and direction of Rebecca Steel.

It embraces the teenage concerns of body image, belonging, being accepted or rejected, forging relationships and rivalries. Of courses it explores meeting girls and the three boys carrying polka dot bags with red ribbons in their hair perfectly capture the girls and it is hilarious.

This is not a traditional piece of modern dance since the company has developed its own unique and impressive physicality and it is a joy to watch. The apple motif runs throughout the performance including some impressive juggling skills.

This is a high-octane production with a dynamic score by Tom Recknell and the poignant and moving ending restores your faith in the generosity of mankind.

The company richly deserves its standing ovation and this is one show that you should not miss. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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