Doug Segal: I Can Make You A Mentalist

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Doug Segal

Having smashed onto the Fringe scene last year with How To Read Minds and Influence People, Doug Segal's style of tongue-in-cheek feats of pseudo-psychic trickery was a revelatory exercise in surprising and shocking the audience.

This year sees him return in I Can Make You A Mentalist, a show where one lucky audience member is put through a series of psychic trials to impart information.

Now as Doug himself says a few minutes in, no-one is really psychic, and the audience is likely to believe him. The show's a spectacular spin through a whole host of audience participatory exercises.

However the show has a definite problem. It's too good, so much so that were it not for Segal's deliberately convoluted and random selection method you'd suspect they were audience plants. As such it leaves the audience simply in utter beguilement about how any of it worked. Which is a shame as the displays of stagecraft are wonderful, merely irked by a nagging feeling that it's all a bit too easy.

Otherwise a thoroughly good night's entertainment. Except maybe the moment where Doug flirts with himself on a videoscreen; I'm not sure even a mentalist was prepared to see that.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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