William Shakespeare, adapted by Judy Seal
Dolphin School Theatre Company
Greenside @ Nicolson Square


Dolphin School Theatre Company returns for a third year at the Fringe and this year brings its adaption of Shakespeare’s Dream. It must be one of the youngest companies performing this year with ages from 11 to 13.

This enthusiastic cast transports the audience to the world of fairies, young lovers, the court of the Duke of Athens and some rude mechanicals.

A simple bed centre stage becomes the Duke’s court, the fairy glade and Arden wood and is moved around the stage by two mischievous Pucks who have wonderful physicality and energy and act their socks off.

The large cast all in modern dress with white faces beautifully made-up, are very much at ease with Shakespeare’s language and perform with gusto.

There are many inventive touches with simple but effective choreography and skilful movement and strong ensemble work.

The mechanicals, in colourful boiler suits, provide much hilarity as they rehearse their play to perform before the Duke. I particularly enjoyed the bombastic Bottom.

The love interest between Hermia and Lysander and Helena and Demetrius is exceedingly well handled especially the fight scene between Hermia and Helena when sparks fly in their fracas.

The fairy King and Queen, Oberon and Titania, make a grand entrance dressed in black leather coats with illuminated wings, quite magical.

Director Judy Seal has successfully created a Dream filled with joyful playfulness and the young company were having much infectious fun which the large audience thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to seeing what they bring next year.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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