Dream of a King

Christopher Tajah
Christopher Tajah Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

Dream of a King

Dream of a King is in part the digressions of Martin Luther King Jr, or “Michael” as he rightly mentions is his given name, as told to the audience as if to a biographer. We hear him wistfully talk of his father, of the pressures of fame and being a role model and his worries about the movement and the future.

Christopher Tajah pours himself into the part with this self-penned monologue, prying deeply into the dirt under the nails and the tears in the night of the man who inspired countless others and rocked the world in life and in death.

There’s a curious choice to open with a false opening, then a scene followed by a flashback, as the play begins slowly in fits and starts, unnecessarily slowing the audience's engagement. This isn’t an issue as it progresses, as Tajah’s presence on stage is captivating, as is his commendable intonation and evocation of King’s voice and persona, despite the lack of a strong physical resemblance to King himself.

But as an engaging and entertaining insight into a fascinating historical figure, shown as a humble and normal man beneath it all, it’s certainly worth the effort.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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