Dream Pill

Rebecca Pritchard
Clean Break

Dream Pill is a moving yet uncomfortable play performed in an intimate space where Tunde and Bola, two nine year old girls, have been sex- trafficked to Britain and spend their days in a dingy, claustrophobic basement.

We are seated up close to the stage and become part of the action as one of the girls touches the long hair of a member of the audience and asks us searching questions.

The two youngsters have a naive childish view of their sordid situation and explain their tortuous journey from Nigeria to this country.

They are superstitious, afraid of talking in their sleep less demons should enter, and they share their backgrounds and traditions with an honest innocent childhood joy that will soon be shattered by the terror of the sexual violation that is about to happen.

As one of them dresses up in a lurex dress and sparkling high heels in order to meet her first 'client' we are tortured by the inevitability of her fate.

Both Danielle Vitalis and Samantha Pearl give exuberant performances perfectly capturing the youngster's gullibility all for the sake of a Dream Pill. This is a stunning piece of theatre.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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