Early Doors

Not Too Tame
Not Too Tame
Pleasance Pop-Up: The Pub

Early Doors takes place in a pub (a venue which was very difficult to find) fashioned after the very successful BBC production. But a treasure hunt, nonetheless.

The only bad thing about it is that it was EARLY; noon. Still and all, most of the audience (patrons) had a pint in front of them.

We are greeted by the pouncer/manager ("no, you're not too late.) and enter the bar, order a drink and wait for the raucous fun to begin. Emerson theatre along the lines of "Bingo" several years back, the bar staff play, fight, and sing; all done well with little bloodletting. Massive fun for the patron could only be improved upon at 6pm or, better yet, at 10pm.

We get to meet all of the pub staff who interact with each other and get a chance to tell their stories; very typical stories of bartenders and patrons. But told in verse and prose form but easy and elegant.

Rarely do the performers have the feel as if they are acting when not “on”.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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