Earnest & Wilde: Let’s Face the Music (and Franz)

Rhymes With Purple in association with C theatre
C royale

Postmodern jukebox meets historical lecture, Earnest and Wilde’s presentation of Let's Face the Music (and Franz) is a playful retelling of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.

Using projected archive pictures as the backdrop for their lecture, they share the build-up to Franz’s visit, the lack of security and the plans of the young conspirators. With jazzy reworkings of modern pop songs masquerading as diary entries for each of the characters ("Mr Bombastic" a particular hit with the audience), it’s fun, light and surprisingly historically accurate.

With perfectionist Erik Igelstrom on keyboard and Ciadhra McGuire fulfilling the role of a hard drinking diva, it’s a whistle-stop tour. Their on-stage relationship could feature more prominently as the banter seems a little rehearsed, but the music is rightly centre stage, each tune somehow linking to the story: Boyzone’s "No Matter What" an anthem for The Black Hand and R Kelly’s "Ignition" setting the scene for the open-top car journey.

Of course, the title can’t be ignored either and there’s a liberal sprinkling of none other than Franz Ferdinand, the band. Written as a poem by the Archduke himself, the duo rightly point out that titling the piece Take Me Out was almost an invitation to wannabe assassins...

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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