Ejaculation – Discussions About Female Sexuality

Created and Performed by Essi Rossi withSarah Kivi
From Start to Finnish

Ejaculation – Discussions About Female Sexuality

A Finnish couple bring their own experimentation and discovery to the stage. The title alone will draw some and repel others. This is more about how women feel about themselves as being different from men. And the mechanics. It’s the shadowy topic of conversation that everyone wants in on but no one wants to acknowledge. It’s not polite conversation, probably because it is socialized humans at their most vulnerable.

“A documentary performance about sexuality and desires based on interviews with women from various backgrounds and countries. Through a personal journey, the performance creates safe space for self-discovery and explores the collective experience of female sexuality.”

This is a six-hour clinical discussion in an hour’s theatrical setting. It barely skims the surface of the many issues that women have, by necessity, suppressed discussing. Safe in this room, it weaves brief snippets of recorded interviews, soft questions with nervous answers in the hopes of raising the issues for later discussions. A little of the clinical exploration mixed with a few social issues. We really cannot expect more in an hour.

Created by Essi Rossi with her partner, musician Sarah Kivi, who provides a perfect background soft sound and music. There are no hard edges, this is a beguiling and harmless tease. Though this is far from salacious, it is like the soft porn position on the issue. Well done!

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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