The Elephant of my Heart

Jessica Clements
Prospero Theatre
Greenside @ Nicolson Square

Jessica and the Elephant

The Elephant of my Heart is a truly charming family show with a big heart. It is based on the true-life story of Jessica Clements who, when nine years old, suffered from a brain haemorrhage and, whilst hospitalised and lying unconscious in her bed, is visited by the elephant of her heart.

It is a joyous story filled with hope and the power of imagination as young Jessica enters a parallel dream world where she is taken on a healing adventure through the forests where she meets the animals and insects that will help her find the strength to face her fears and recover from her horrendous illness.

9-year-old Rosie Chambers delightfully and confidently plays the young Jessica with her real-life mum at her hospital bedside and her dad, splendidly dressed in a large puppet costume, as the all knowing, wise elephant.

Along the way, we meet many puppet animals, including the colourful parrots and a slippery, slithering snake.

There are dragonflies, fleas and a shadowy panther as well as a beautiful phoenix who convinces Jessica that one day she will be able to fly. All of these animals help her to understand whom she is.

The company are talented performers giving strong physical performances throughout. Chris Chambers’s magical music and songs underscore the whole production and it's inventively directed by Beth Wood.

The youngsters in the audience are encouraged to participate, being given cloud props and small lights that act as the fleas to use during the play, and they were totally engaged and captivated.

This is a beautiful, heart-warming production that should certainly be on your one to see list and you can even have your photo taken with the elephant after the show.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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