Elephant Room

Geoff Sobell, Trey Lyford and Steve Cuiffo
Assembly Hall, Rainy Hall

As magic goes, this is just what one would expect: levitations, card tricks, strange things happening with milk, misdirection and audience participation. Lots of fun and challenges. Not just a magic show but a show.

Magicians Dennis Diamond, Daryl Hanna and Louie Magic (Geoff Sobelle, Trey Lyford and Steve Cuiffo) make as much mess as magic which is what makes them special and fun. They are guys, after all. There is more than magic and mess.

Their ability to keep audiences dazzled by the magic is outshined by the “physical theatre” and “performance art”. The audience feels part of the show rather than that they are watching a performance.

There is a lot of the “gee whizz” quality. They are unabashedly American and do redneck really well. This would be entertaining without the magic but one still likes to wonder over the egg moving mysteriously from one place to another and how the milk gets into the light bulb and the vanishing audience member.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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