End of the Rainbow

Peter Quilter
Assembly Theatre, Marshall Cordell and Ross Mollison
Assembly Hall

End of the Rainbow charts the Judy Garland's final weeks as she lives at London's Ritz Hotel and performs at The Talk of the Town. In most ways this is hardly a Fringe production. Caroline O'Connor won a best actress award for her performance in the show in Australia and the production values are of high quality commercial theatre.

Given the quality of the performances, the design, lighting, sound and so on, in Fringe terms End of the Rainbow could only be a five star show, and it has to be said that it scores very highly in commercial theatre terms too.

O'Connor's performance is superb: she is Garland, and, although she does dominate the stage, her fellow cast members - Jonathan Gavin as accompanist Anthony Chapman and Michael Cormick as Garland's final husband Mickey Deans - more than hold their own. The audience gave them a standing ovation at the end, something for which the Fringe is not noted.

Reviewer: Peter Lathan

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