End of the World

Ella Lovelady
Pinchy Theatre
ZOO Playground

End of the World

End of the World is not the doom-laden play its title might imply. Instead, it is a gentle exploration of a friendship between two women during a difficult time.

Set in the kitchen of their shared flat, Em (Ella Lovelady) is trying to negotiate the calls she gets about her father's mental health, about whether he has eaten, a report that he has been taken to hospital and the news that he has been sectioned. That is enough for her to worry about, so she leaves the mysterious letter about Linda on one side.

In contrast, Melanie (Jess Gough) arrives back from a job she hates, denouncing one particular colleague and sounding forth on various social issues, such as the possibility that tigers will be made extinct and the terrible exploitation of people in other countries to produce such things as coffee for us.

Every so often, we hear the playing of a cornet from someone upstairs, which for some in the audience might echo scenes in that urban classic Look Back in Anger.

And there is a touch of the coming-of-age play in the conversations between the pair as they swap stories about sexual encounters, pubic hair and past secrets about what Emily did at the chaplaincy.

The show is a positive, occasionally amusing exploration of a friendship in difficult times.

Reviewer: Keith Mckenna

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