Eunuchs In My Wardrobe

Silas Carson
Remy Blumenfeld and Scamp Theatre
Assembly @ George Square Three

A strangely uncontroversial and straight telling of a tale that at first seems quite shocking but becomes rather monotonous and rather wastes the talents of the performer.

Silas Carson's story has plenty of good material and Carson has lots of flirty physical energy but it goes on too long. The constant stream of monologue interspersed with sari fondling needs more variety and also it fails to build up to any sort of climax.

Carson would make a great cabaret host, his eyes are great at getting the audiences attention but he still seems slightly distanced from us. His tight-fitting costume was suitable, but he didn't make much of it, either verbally or physically. The story might feel more real if he used a more real and less staged tone for the piece and being more relaxed might also allow for a few more moments of comedy.

This is a show that could be quite strong; it just needs to grow some balls.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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