Everything I Do

Zoe Ni Riordáin
One Two One Two

Everything I Do Credit: Ros Kavanagh

Perfectly complimented by the somewhat dejected state of the atmospheric Demonstration Room, Zoe Ni Riordáin’s heartfelt, uplifting exploration of love and hope is utterly compelling.

Dressed in a clinical one-piece and introducing the show as an “album I wrote in my shed”, Zoe opens with the exquisite “You Make Me Weak”, a deeply affecting number whose plaintive lyrics contrast with a crunchy electric guitar, setting the scene for much of her meandering and musing on conflicted states of love. “Is it possible to love someone you don’t understand?” “Is it possible to be passionate about something you don’t care about?”

Mostly, though, it is Ni Riordáin’s voice that captivates, exercising fragility, strength and humour in equal measure, her powerful songs tackle universal themes from her personal perspective. And so, we hear a coming of age story, alongside an energetic break-up rant, or witness a broken soul who simply loves someone so much that their own identity disappears.

This combination of conversation, song and storytelling makes for an engrossing, unpredictable and honest piece of live art performance, which invites us to wrestle with the complex, messy, frustrating and painful experience of love, hope and hopelessness.

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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