Excuse My Dust

Terry Wale
A Play, a Pie, and a Pint
The Jamhouse, Edinburgh and Oran Mor, Glasgow

This charming bioplay about Dorothy Parker is an exceptional piece of work from both writer Terry Wale and actress Lesley Mackie. Without having prior knowledge of Parker, I was able to follow her story and develop a strong sense of caring about her situation, while those people I spoke to who knew more about Parker's life found the play interesting and entertaining as well.

A major strength of the play is how Mackie interacts directly with the audience, confronting us early on with the information that the Dorothy Parker we're about to meet is not the one who we may know from her witty and famous quotes. While there is an undercurrent of sadness in Wale's play, in the end Parker's uncrushable spirit shows through despite her drinking and her lack of money, making for a convivial afternoon and an inspiring portrayal of a truly remarkable lady.

Reviewer: Rachel Lynn Brody

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