Expiration Date

Rose-Marie Brandwein
Picaresque Players Theatre Company
Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall

We've all thought about the idea of immortality. And as we get closer and closer to being able to cure everything including the aging process, this ideal becomes intoxicatingly addictive.

Expiration Date, an amusing pun used as a jumping off point, is "a serio-cominc play about what it means to be human." Yet that's not really what it's about. It's about immortality. What is means to be human reaches outwardly to society; how do I fit. Immortality is really a more selfish concept; how do I grapple with the idea of never existing any more.

On her 150th birthday, Mildred, played by Jean Brookner, must decide if she is going to transition into the alternate state, a People-Pod or something else. Her podded husband and friends, only visible from video screens, want her to join them. Her son champions the idea as well, not understanding the logic of any other choice.

The actors do their best to make a very disjointed and weak script work. The space is beautiful and should work well for the concept. Sadly, the director has failed to help them.

Expiration Date is not the first of its kind to explore the idea. It's a really good idea that somehow just doesn't work here.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm