Extinguished Things

Molly Taylor

Extinguished Things

What fragile and seemingly small things sum up the lives of people? What tiny fragments of an existence do we leave in our wake? Extinguished Things is a blissfully sombre and touchingly reverential look at the minutiae that spells out the poetry of the essential.

Molly Taylor cheerfully takes the audience on a journey back to her home, to her parents house and her old street where, in a bid for a moment's peace, she sneaks the spare keys to a holidaying neighbour's house and finds solace in the memories there. In doing so, she paints a vivid picture of the lives of two people, Alton and Evie, who touched her own life with kindness, and warmth.

It's a bittersweet and reflective piece of theatre as Taylor, under the directon of Jade Lewis, gently spins a web of memory over a hot cup of builder's tea, whisking us through the fragments of the home, the joys that were felt there, as well as the pains that the couple felt.

An achingly beautiful piece of theatre that captures perfectly the mundanity through which all the beauty of life can be seen.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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