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Paradise in Augustines


“Question: what does a recalcitrant crow, an irascible mouse, a Shakespeare-loving scarecrow and an impressionable young girl have in common? Answer: they’re all in this story. Hazel is terrible at maths, much to the horror of her battleaxe teacher. This is Hazel’s remarkable quest to find the cube that will restore her reputation and return the jewellery to its rightful owner.”

Fawk is the sound that a crow makes. When he’s not quoting Shakespeare. In Fawk, we have our young heroine who is aided by a menagerie of storybook characters. Not just a mouse, a crow and scarecrow, but a cat and crow chick and Hazel’s teacher.

This is a lovely tale, as engaging as its not too distant cousin, Alice in Wonderland. If there is a history to this story, I don’t know it. But it can hold its own with Alice.

The characters are charming even at their most dangerous. The actors are fun to watch and easy for the little ones to follow. The costumes are beautifully appropriate. All of the actors hold up well in this rather cramped and difficult space. The only flaw, and slight at that, was that the actress playing Hazel lapsed into “acting” rather than listening and reacting.

Great fun for adults and children alike. This has only one more date, 22 August, so "save the date".

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm