Fear And Misery of the Third Reich

Bertolt Brecht
Lincoln Company
C soco

Lederhosen ahoy! One forgets often during the many shows of the Edinburgh festival that the truest happiness can often be found in the strangest of places. In this case, a great deal of joyful enthusiasm is hiding amongst the humble performances in the Fringe's only Brecht show in 2011. One BB show in an entire Festival—is that even legal?

Lincoln Company have gone some way to try and harness the fractured and changeable moods of Brecht's Fear and Misery, moving the tone from shocked and frightened people confronted by Gestapo brutality to comedy farmers in the blink of an eye. Not content with keeping the feeling so open and relaxed, the actors also sat cheerfully chatting to the audience before the play began. It's all quite enjoyable and the culmination of the scenes and the general impending feelings of doom build nicely throughout.

All in all a good performance and a wonderful display of short leather trousers.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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