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Mr and Mrs Clark


Gareth Clark is afraid. He has been almost crippled by the litany of cautionary messages and warnings he's been barraged with ever since he was a child: fear of doing wrong, or even speaking his mind; fear of the overwatching presence of a supreme deity or simply the government's Big Brother style gaze.

The result is a semi-autobiographical musing into the nature of anxieties and confirmation, told via story, dance and multimedia projection.

There's a certain sort of avant garde charm to (FEAR); it's a show that peers into the mind of a certain age and demographic of men and uses humour and wit to show the insecurities therein, as well as making a coherent point about the way society fills people with fears of real or imagined terrors to keep them in place.

However, a mixture of almost stand-up like chat, audience interaction and over-drawn-out repetitions and overlong dances may wear at some audience members. It's certainly a curiosity and worth a look.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan