Flamenco Tablao


If you love the iconic Spanish dance of the Flamenco, you will love this. And if you’ve never seen flamenco danced to perfection, please go along—you are in for a treat.

After more than ten years of successful flamenco performances in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the passionate and penetrating voices of musicians Danielo Olivera and Inma Montero bring you their vision of a traditional Flamenco Tablao.

Accompanied by a technically brilliant master flamenco guitarist and with two powerful and elegant dancers, Gabriela Pouso and Mayte Beltran, this is a masterclass in the art of the flamenco.

Apparently, flamenco artists only choose the dance or song they are to perform ten minutes before they go on stage, lending a freshness to their performance and allowing the passion to come from the heart.

Both dancers are incredible and the singing and guitar playing take you away from the hottest and most uncomfortable venue at the Fringe to the heart of Andalucia.

A must see for anyone who loves Spanish culture and the skills of dance. But take a fan with you and a large bottle of water.

Reviewer: Suzanne Hawkes