Tumult in the Clouds
Pleasance Courtyard

The other side to the Tumult in the Clouds double production grimly contrasts with the quiet and subtle horrors seen in the more quieter and more contemplative piece Wee Andy.

Fleeto tells the story of Andy's friend Mackie, as portrayed by Jordan McCurroch, who, when fired up by the assault on his companion, joins forces with the rabidly vicious Kenzie and commits fierce vengeance upon a random passer-by. His struggles between his embattled fury and conscience are contrasted with the story of the Police Officer sent to tell the news to the victim's grieving mother.

Thematically, Fleeto is remarkable with the similarities it holds with Wee Andy, each part complimenting the other as well as holding its own as a striking piece of modern Scottish theatre. The actors are universally note perfect, with a stellar performances from the fear stricken McCurroch, who carries the narrative throughout, as well as Neil Leiper's portrayal of the terrifyingly ravenous Kenzie, constantly poised with a deep-sat fury ever ready to spill out in a venomous rage of violence and hatred. So convincing was his stage presence that the actor's easy and cheerful smile upon taking his final bows seemed to release a palpable tension within the theatre as the character was allowed to disippate into the ether.

A staggeringly brilliant pair of plays, and easily two of the most important works to grace the Scottish stage this century.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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