Frankenstein: Unbolted

Last Chance Saloon
Just the Tonic @ The Caves

If you’re looking for a show in any way representative of Mary Shelly’s famous novel, then steer clear of Frankenstein: Unbolted as it may as well be labelled Frankenstein: Unhinged.

Last Chance Saloon’s “riotous theatre comedy” takes you on an hour-long helter-skelter as you join Viktor Frankenstein as he endeavours to create the perfect human being. This, however, is where any similarities of the well-known story end.

In this loose rendition, Frank (the monster) is portrayed as an extremely camp man but turns into a stereotypical hard lad when alcohol touches his lips. They have also added a whole host of random and obscure characters including a waiter (who is played by an actor, a puppet and a member of the audience at different moments) and a quirky professor who appears to like the students he teaches slightly too much.

The three actors in the company (Sam Dunham, Jack Faires and Jack Gogarty) are evidently well experienced in theatrical comedy but the production itself at times feels extremely infantile and immature.

Their use of constant repetition to create punchlines quickly grows old and the ridiculous costumes including wigs, silly hats and capes makes it feel more like a children’s show than an adult comedy.

There are some funny moments in this off-the-wall production but there are far more awkward cringes than belly laughs.

Reviewer: Liam Blain

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