Freddie Hayes: Potatohead

Freddie Hayes in association with Pleasance and York Theatre Royal
Pleasance Courtyard

Freddie Hayes: Potatohead

Charlotte the potato just wants more from life than the simple pleasures in the confines of her allotment.

She dreams of stardom and fame, enough even that she might be willing to make a deal with the Devil himself!

In this puppet and tuber-filled reworking of Dr Faustus, Freddie Hayes does the seemingly unimaginable act of making the audience feel constant amusement at the silly antics of Charlotte while dressed in a full-sides potato-suit and puppeteering a variety of spud-based characters to drive the plot through.

She also sings and manages to draw in a cheerful and willing amount of audience participation.

This is gleefully silly Fringe fun, mixing just the right amount of bonkers absurdity with the singing, comedy, and fourth wall breaks to ensure that you’ll leave with a smile on your face, no matter how many carbs you like in your diet.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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