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It’s official, Gamarjobat are delightfully, deliciously, mindbogglingly bonkers! The madcap comedy duo are back in Edinburgh with another hour of mime, slapstick and aerobics for the belly-laugh muscles.

Clad in black suits, Doc Martin boots, smart silver ties and the colourful mohawks they’ve been sporting for a decade or more, their loveable, zany personae transport us into a world of exhilarating mayhem. They invest every calorie of their considerable energy in their unrelenting quest for fun. They exude charm and generoisty. Their timing is sheer perfection.

Gamarjobat’s greatest achievement lies in their considerable skill in working the audience. Latecomers beware! The anarchic duo have a repertoire of comic chastisements that send the audience into fits of laughter. Children adore them and adults are also eager to play the stooge for a lollipop.

They can take the oldest, tritest gag in the world and revitalize it, put a sizzling new twist on old jokes, push gags into the zone of the eyewateringly hilarious. And their escalator chase scene is a perfect piece of comic mime. Gamarjobat prove that comedy is what unites us as humans; it is universal and as old as the hills, Stoneage slapstick in a modern guise. We need more of this.

To achieve all of this with a single suitcase full of standard props, guns, whistles, balls and a single moveable black flat for decor is a triumph. This is the joy of pure inventiveness.

Do yourself a big favour. Go and see Gamarjobat! Take your friends and family and don’t forget the kids. Gamarjobat’s show is cheeky, witty, inventive, imaginative and absurdist fun for all the family. If it were up to me, tickets would be available free on the NHS!

Reviewer: Jackie Fletcher

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