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Ghetto is a moving and disturbing play about the horrendous lives of the Jews in Vilna ghetto in Lithuania in 1942.

The theft of a bag of beans leads to a quirky fate for the inmates of the ghetto where the sadistic Commandant Kittle demands recompense for the missing 50 grams, insisting on the production of a play from the talented artists held captive in the camp.

The Jewish chief of police authorises a theatre to be established in the ghetto and the urgency of saving lives becomes a major priority. Tailors set up a workshop to repair Nazi uniforms and make themselves indispensable and so 150 lives are saved and the actors and musicians prepare themselves to perform the play of their lifetime—in fact their very lives may depend on it.

This fine young company performs with confidence and there are some impressive individual performances and strong ensemble work.

The unexpected dramatic ending leaves you stunned and shocked. Powerful stuff.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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