The Human Zoo
The Human Zoo Theatre Company
Pleasance Courtyard


The Human Zoo is an accomplished group of young actors who are excellent storytellers. They warmly greet the audience as they arrive as if they were long lost friends.

These white-faced clowns explore the generational identity and the trials and tribulations of growing up in today’s modern world.

The quirky set has many surprises and the theme of boxes is strong. As they explain, everything is in a box including the universe.

Tommy, aged 22, lives in the same house as his parents and his grandparents. All the detritus of their lives is stored in boxes in the attic.

We witness Tommy growing up from a 5-year-old to a petulant teenager and eventually to university and the world of work in a cardboard box factory where his uncle Ethan works.

As Nan gets older and frailer, she relates strange stories and then there are the unexplained rumblings coming from the attic.

Woven into this fast-moving, bizarre story are cabaret acts from magicians to acrobats and singers.

The dramatic, heart-warming ending reveals the source of the grumblings in the attic

With live music, skilful puppetry, strong physical theatre and playfulness together with a wonderful empathy between the actors, they create chaotic fun that shines through to the audience. Giant is a joy to watch.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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