Girl Scouts vs Aliens

Madeleine Perham
Escapade productions
Assembly George Square Studios

Girl Scouts vs Aliens

Escapade Productions returns to the Fringe for the third year with a ripping tale Girl Scouts VS Aliens celebrating the world of scouting.

At the performance I attended, there was a large group of scouts as well as many children who loved it and the cast developed an excellent rapport with them.

Our four heroines are on their last camp ever when an alien spaceship lands in the next field, but not to panic as we are in safe hands with this plucky group of girl scouts.

The highly energetic cast are simply superb and fully committed, giving spirited performances as their daring adventures unwind.

Tilda (Laura Jeffries) is their leader, well prepared with a schedule for every hour of the day. Food loving Olive (Georgina Rose Hanson) always has a snack in her bag and can smell out edible food “from a mile away”.

Meanwhile, scientist Ruby (Charlotte Dowding) wants to go home as she is easily frightened by this scary camping expedition and the threat from the aliens but eventually gains courage.

Completing the group, Laura Wingrove plays the peace-making Sydney who is soon leaving to go home to Australia; it’s not the country we are thinking of, but I can’t spoil the surprise, though it’s very clever.

Along the way, we learn some interesting science facts delivered by the use of a tennis ball for the earth and we learn how to filter dirty water to make it clean and of course some knotting instruction with the help of some eager volunteers from the audience.

For those of you who may have been in the scouts or guides, can you remember how to tie a bowline and the story about the rabbit coming out of the hole and going around the tree? The cast explain it all using physical theatre.

There is oodles of audience participation and it's really great fun and we all get a marshmallow as we leave! Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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