Eugene O'Brien
Traverse Theatre


"So..." I'm told that every good Irish story-teller starts with that word. So..., Eugene O'Brien is a master at it and has proved it here.

Mairead (Janet Moran) and Mal (Andrew Bennet) have returned to their home, County Offaly, for the wedding of her sister... and to catch up with old schoolmates.

The kids are grown and gone and this couple has slipped into the "why?" stage of their relationship. This trip throws a good many challenges and temptations.

Heaven is purely storytelling; we get each of their perspectives uncensored, all done in monologues—a technique / tool that O'Brien has mastered.

Both Ms. Moran and Mr. Bennet are masters of their characters. There's a casualness that is warmly engaging. It is giggling fun to watch them work.

Jim Culleton has directed this piece with the lightest of touch: spare. Zia Bergin-Holly has provided a whimsical set. The entire production team seems to have provided only what is absolutely needed and nothing extra.

It's the story and the telling of it. Look for the surprise punch at the end.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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