Hecat’s Poison: Enter the Three Witches

William Shakespeare adapted by S Sato
Players Tokyo
Quaker Meeting House

Hecat's Poison is an adaptation for one woman. It poses the idea that the poison is not some much the stuff the weird sisters mix up in the cauldron but that which is planted in Macbeth’s mind.

The actress, S Sato, quickly and easily gives us the weird sisters: first with body bent and voice brittle flowing to a straightened body and strong, mature voice which then arches into a lively body and breathy, whimsical voice. We follow.

Although we are familiar with the story, the body, voice and assistance at times of a single drape of fabric of different colours, Ms Sato leads us from character to character without losing us.

She does use a small table covered in black with a white and blue ribbon making a cross. She also moves a few chess pieces, black on one side and white on the other.

The text is masterfully cut and there is definitely a Japanese influence in the interpretation. The cosume suggestions work extremely well.

The sound is a little jarring and the light a little stark, while the direction, which could use a little more variety of pace, is, nonetheless, very servicable.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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