Little Shakespeare Company
Paradise in the Vault

Young Lady Macbeth is frightened by the witches in her dreams. Hecate visits her to help her understand her dreams and negotiate her future.

She is fated to do what she must. And yet Hecate tells her that every moment is a choice. “Should we not be all that we can be?” You will always be the person who does the thing no one else will do.”

So, in the end, Hecate convinces her that, in order for Hecate to survive, she must kill her alter ego, "there must be some other way that doesn't end up with me steeped in blood." The older Lady Macbeth already has blood on her hands. Good vs. evil.

Nowhere in Shakespeare’s Macbeth do we hear about her childhood or every physically crossing paths with Hecate. But it make for an interesting story. Not only would she be saving Hecate, but also Macbeth, Duncan, Duncan’s two watchman, Banquo, Macduff’s wife and sons, Siward; well, you can see the domino effect.

Little Shakespeare Company is an acting company of schoolchildren from Musselburgh. These three are an example of their more mature students. The two younger actors play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth has potential. It is hard to tell about the actress playing Hecate for she has taken on a very false character and acting style. The concept is too much a stretch even if the script, acting and directing was better.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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