Henry Rollins: The Long March

Henry Rollins
Regular Music and MZA
The Queens Hall

Henry Rollins's return to the Fringe is another return to his fine form as he blasts through the audience with a barely-contained energy that threatens to burst from him at any moment.

As ever, the master raconteur steams through the hour and a half set like a juggernaut of incisively witty observations and amusing moments from his life.

Unlike previous years, Rollins gives the audience a closer look into his youth, the inspiring moments of growing up and the solace he found in his mother's record collection when the world around him made no sense. Beyond that, there is the usual variety of curious tales from his adventures with National Geographic and his near-constant work.

Rollins has proven himself a reliably entertaining and unusual facet of the Fringe and hopefully will become a yearly fixture for a long time to come.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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