Majk Stokes
Majk Stokes
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What makes a superhero? Majk Stokes, a comedy singer-songwriter poet, Quaker and eco-warrior, has created this highly enjoyable concert Heroes, exploring who are the real heroes.

He has a charming, relaxed style with a dry sense of humour and his original songs are both witty and poignant. Who would have thought that trainspotters were in fact superheroes in disguise, “off to save the world but you’ll never suspect us”?

Majk has a wide repertoire of innovative songs and stories told from other people’s perspectives including his partner Beth, who describes him in a song as, “cute but slightly annoying." We can all identify with the amusing song “Please Hold” as we are forced to wait in a customer service call centre queue only to find we are still only number 12.

More seriously, there is a passionate plea to remember that real heroes don’t fly as he dedicates the next two songs to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, using solar energy and travelling less. In a tribute to the NHS he sings, “real Heroes don’t use guns but do the jobs that must be done.”

All is not too serious as there is an old fashioned, raunchy folk song and a personal account of visiting his sister in Australia—but watch out for the leeches.

Performed in the Quaker Meeting House, Majk reminds us of the Quaker ‘Faith In Action’ and to stand up for what you believe in with peace and equality. He ends with a comic take on computers that go wrong with his online troubleshooter asking him, “have you tried turning it off and on again?” Such frustration.

But not to worry because, as superheroes, “one more cup of coffee, then we’ll save the world!" If only.

It’s a delight to spend some time with Majk and all profits from tickets go to charity.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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