Hide and Seek

Kiss My Face Theatre
Rocket @ Demarco Roxy Art House

"Old movies, games, arguments, chaos." Chaos, yes. If I had not read that the production is an interpretation of era of celebrities made by and under contract to the powerful moguls of Holywood, I would have been totally clueless.

"...Fastpaced experimental performance", well....

The several "bits" that this company uses to express their extreme viewpoint are not fastpaced. Yes, there is a lot of energy spent but after about 60 seconds of a list of different adjectives and adverbs that the actors must "mug", we get the point. But they go on and on. And on. This is true with most of the ideas put forth in this production. Ad nauseum. There is a wrestling match between the two "directors" competing for status that not only goes on far too long but, like too much of the piece, seems unrehearsed, unchoreographed, amateurish and, therefore, dangerous to the actors. The production needs a focused script, a dramaturg, a director, a casting director, a fight choreographer, and a different title.

I give the performers of Kiss My Face Theatre a half star for their energy and committment.

(Originally awarded ½ star.)

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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