Humphrey Ker Is Dymock Watson Nazi Smasher

Humphrey Ker
Feature Spot Productions
Pleasance Courtyard

A war saga of epic proportions bursting with a cast of larger than life characters and some OK bathos. Not since Evelyn Waugh's The Sword Of Honour has the Second World War seemed so ludicrous.

Verbally dexterous Kerr does not waste his words; the show is bursting with similes like Santa's sack, many delightful offerings and the camouflaged comedian purposefully overworks and toys with the metaphors. In Dymock Watson's amazing adventures the jokes come thick and fast and audience is given little time to breath.

A blazing Boys-Own-style narrative keeps you on the edge of your seat, with Kerr jumping across characters and countries at spitfire speed. Kerr rations his movements around the stage, but has the physicality to convey the action-packedness of a really good James Bond film.

I salute you Dymock Watson, you showed those Nazis.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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