Chris Bush
Paines Plough, 45North and Belgrade Theatre
ROUNDABOUT @ Summerhall


Chris Bush’s new play Hungry takes a blistering look at the hectic world of working in a restaurant kitchen exploring relationships, class differences and the misuse of power.

Successful chef Lori (Eleanor Sutton) has caught the eye of Bex (Melissa Lowe) who is waiting on tables. After a brief liaison in the stock cupboard, their relationship develops with Lori determined to help Bex, “improve herself.”

Both actors give strong, riveting performances as the shift in power moves between them. Bex is more reticent to accept Lori’s manipulative advice. Their discussions about food, be it organic or its carbon journey, is lively although Bex would prefer a Pot Noodle. Lori tells her, “there is a world beyond chicken nuggets.”

The two become heady, passionate lovers and decide to become partners in a new restaurant as their romance ensues.

But the play takes on a darker tone and Bex becomes uncertain of their friendship—she is mourning the death of her mother, which is constantly on her mind—as Lori becomes more controlling.

Bex finally snaps, giving a dramatic, passionate tirade of anger about life and the whole class system.

It’s performed at great pace, with two kitchen trolleys as the set that constantly move and clang together for a scene change.

This thought-provoking play has much humour and is compelling to watch, thoroughly deserving the standing ovation.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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