I Got Superpowers For My Birthday

Katie Douglas
Paines Plough
Roundabout @ Summerhall

I Got Superpowers For My Birthday

As part of Paines Plough’s Edinburgh season in its ingenious pop-up theatre at Summerhall, there is a little gem of a children’s show I Got Superpowers For My Birthday.

Turning 13 and becoming a teenager is not easy, particularly for Fiona who lives with her Aunty Bev who is a dinner lady.

Studious William is a bit of a loner, always keeping up to date with his homework and preferring to go to the library on a Saturday rather than go out.

Ethan is the worldly-wise one who is going to have the party of the century to celebrate his birthday.

Coincidently, all three youngsters have their birthday on the same day, the only real fact that links them together.

When they wake up on their special day, they discover that they have developed superpowers that enable Fiona to shoot fire from her fingertips, Ethan to cause the earth to shake and William to freeze things just by looking at them.

Initially, they experiment with their newfound powers having fun, but they soon realise that they have to be exceedingly careful about using them.

But the situation radically changes when they have to face the challenge of Gargoyles, Goblins, a loathsome slug and a huge dragon by the name of Fergus.

But will they succeed in becoming the superheroes that will defeat the all-consuming being, the Darkness?

Katie Douglas’s witty, well-written script is action-packed with lots of humour and there is a strong moral at the end as the three discover the truth about their origins.

Technically, the show is superb with Prema Mehto’s atmospheric lighting almost becoming a fourth character together with Dominic Kennedy’s charged soundscape.

The three actors Remy Beasley, Richard Corgan and Andy Rush give energetic and excellent performances and it’s inventively directed by George Perrin.

The youngsters in the audience were enthralled from the start and the adults appreciated the humour and jokes.

I would highly recommend this show in a brilliant performance.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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