I (Honestly) Love You

Damon Lockwood
Lockwood Productions (Australia)
C aquila

I (Honestly) Love You Credit: Nick Rutter
I (Honestly) Love You Credit: Nick Rutter

In any relationship the biggest issue that first presents itself to any couple is honesty. How much do you tell your prospective partner? What little white lies do you spin for an easy life? What if you couldn't tell them anything but the truth, would the relationship last? I (Honestly) Love You takes this idea and runs with it, in a hugely tongue-in-cheek fashion.

When Belle (George Gayler) and Lloyd (Paul Goddard) meet randomly one morning in a coffee shop confusion over a mug of joe, they both discover that shockingly, they both suffer from the same unusual condition: vitiositas veritas, the inability to lie. Upon discovering this they decide to throw caution to the wind and embark on a relationship. Naturally this leads to them asking all sorts of uncomfortable questions, but the frankness and honestly allows them to grow closer.

It's a nicely balanced bit of comedy theatre, with good support from Talei Howell-Price and writer / director Damon Lockwood as the main couple's respective best friends, parents, and other supporting characters.

It's a jolly and fun production, playing the concept for all it's worth but stopping short of running it into the ground. There's enough winking humour and fourth wall breaking gags to let the audience really feel they're part of a big in-joke and simply enjoy the fun of the experience.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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