I Need a Doctor: The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure

Stormy Teacup Theatre Ltd
Pleasance Courtyard

I Need a Doctor

When Doctor Who fans Jamie and Jess decide to write their own musical tribute to their hero, they face one almighty challenge—BBC copyright infringement.

As a result their original script is hastily adapted and, whilst Jamie treats himself to all of the leading roles, Jess is left flicking through the script despairing at some of Jamie’s puns.

The premise is a very funny one and Jamie’s aim for everything to be “the same but different” results in tap dancing cyber gents, a mucus monster (who is in no way similar to a Silurian and more like the Phantom of The Opera) and an evil being called ‘Da Masta’ whose rap brought the house down.

“By the power of musical theatre” the cast of two create a fun-filled romp through a universe very similar to the Whovian one, with plenty of wise cracks, cheeky references and most importantly great songs. Jessica Spray and James Wilson-Taylor are an extremely likeable pair of performers and their easy interaction, coupled with their boundless energy, is what carries the occasionally self-indulgent humour forward.

This is an upbeat hour of entertainment which is not just for fans because, after all, everyone needs a Doctor in their life.

Reviewer: Amy Yorston

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