Impromptu Shakespeare

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Impromptu Shakespeare, although extremely polished and professional, doesn’t have too much of the impromptu or improv feel about it.

Yes, they utilize some ideas from the audience and there does seem to be a little intellectual sparring, but for the most part, it seems at times a little too prepared.

There is always a kind of dangerous quality to improv which is fun for the audience; there is a fine line between a facile, audience-ready production and the improv that delights when we see them work for it and succeed and make us cringe when they don’t quite. We love to watch them struggle and falter.

This seemed too easy. Even so, this in no way took away from the enjoyment of the production. Their made-up Shakespeare language and plot showed expertise, work, research and talent. A wonderful indulgence for those who love Shakespeare fans those who do not.

Reviewer: Catherine Henry Lamm

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