Jason and the Argonauts

Take Thou That Theatre Company
theSpace on Niddry St

Jason and the Argonauts

It maybe an early 9:30 start for Take Thou That's production of Jason and the Argonauts but it is well worth the effort to see this impressive theatre piece from students from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Greek mythology is given a modern twist as we meet a group of refugees desperate to find a better life by crossing the border rather than living in a camp.

It’s told with passion and skill by these young actors who embrace the stories with physical inventiveness and superb ensemble work.

Each of the actors has a story to tell as they are trying to escape from something—they are outcasts.

As Jason accepts his challenge to find the Golden Fleece, a motley crew is assembled for their quest on the Argo.

They meet the stone giant who bars their way and the sirens who lure them onto the rocks. The task of planting the dragon teeth that turns into an army of soldiers is skilfully represented by riot shield and helmets.

The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is moving and told with sincerity and Heracles' red mist anger is compelling to watch.

As the actors reveal their stories, they symbolically leave an article of clothing or a prop hanging on a tree—a lovely moving touch.

The fight scene is powerfully choreographed as is the birds' attack and the wings' reveal.

This is a moving, energetic and delightful performance that captivated both the young audience and the adults from a highly talented cast who may well be stars in the future.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp