Jazz Emu: You Shouldn't Have

Archie Henderson
London Limelight
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

Jazz Emu: You Shouldn't Have

Jazz has been taking some time out since the Helsinki incident, but he’s back and he wants to prove that he really is a great person—he’s definitely not an unapologetic narcissist who expects everyone to love him.

Of course, downstairs at the Gilded Balloon Patter House is far from the stadiums he is used to, but the ongoing backlash following his misplaced comments about Goblins have made this a necessity for now.

Jazz Emu is the wildly hilarious, outrageous comedy creation of Archie Henderson, a multi-instrumentalist with groovy outsider vibes—think Napoleon Dynamite with a synth-clarinet.

The premise of the performance is simple: his dad, one of the greatest foley artists of all time, has given his son this one last chance to prove himself. If Jazz messes up this show, he will be kicked out onto the streets with his dreams of a career as a musician in tatters.

Jazz Emu’s brilliantly inventive pop songs cover a range of off-the-wall subjects from the virtues of MSN Messenger to the settings of microwave ovens and the complexity of the English language. He is already something of an Internet sensation with thousands of followers on TikTok and YouTube.

This perfectly pitched, daft hour of character comedy is a revelation!

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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