Dan Antopolski, Tom Caine & Nat Luurtsema
Avalon Promotions
Pleasance Courtyard

A trio that fits perfectly together: hairy goat-man Dan Antopolski, smooth Nat Luurtsema and wide-eyed boyish Tom Caine form a very tight threesome. Timing was impeccable with the performers barely pausing for breath between scenes.

Some of the material is quite dark but the mischievous air with which they were performed, particularly by the ever twinkling-eyed Antopolski, meant it never felt especially heavy. Their ability to bound between sketches also gives the show its light childlike quality. They aren't as sex obsessed as some of the younger all-male sketch groups like Late Night Gimp Fight; they manage instead to be simultaneously both more adult and more innocent. Indeed the age suggestion of 14+ should really be lower.

The show very much rests on the energy of the three performers, not all the material is that original, but their combined energy and the lack of reliance on props and effects makes it a refreshingly technology free show, with the performers doing all the work and doing it very well.

There were some really great moments of self-awareness, especially the ending. Simple, energetic fun. These three rule!

Reviewer: Seth Ewin

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