Joe's NYC Bar

Christian Kelty (and friends)
Beckett Thomas Productions
Just The Tonic at The Caves

Theatre seems to be searching to reinvent itself in a more immersive, more inclucive way. What’s new and how does it reflect and feed the needs of the audience in a world of “anyone can be a star”; our daily lives are so saturated in the vile extremes of the “Big Brother” and “Housewives on NJ” variety that we are not embarrassed but entertained by anything as long as it’s saturated enough, crass enough. Andy Warhol didn't figure enough 15 minutes.

And then along came Joe’s NYC Bar which is not in NYC but in Brooklyn (yes, well, it makes a difference to people in NY) “where everybody knows your name.” Between Gabriel, the “don’t be a dick” owner and Piper, the sexy, heart-of-gold bouncer, they keep everything moving and just civilized enough to be fun for everyone; whether you’re participating or watching. There’s a wild cabaret artist and band and drinks served throughout.

This is incredibly well conceived and executed by Christian Kelty and friends. If there is any weakness at all it would be that the “story” plot of the evening seems just a little too contrived to finish the evening and probably not needed.

And we deserve another hour at Joe's NYC Bar.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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