YeGam Inc
Assembly Hall

Back after last years sell-out run, Jump was a show that was top of my list for this years Festival, and man alive, I was not disappointed!

Jump tells the story of a Korean family who are ruled by their strict grandfather, who works and trains them from dusk till dawn. With a new marriage proposal and two unexpected guests the family and their home are in for one wild night.

The stand out difference from Jump and other Fringe shows is not the Martial Arts, acrobatics or even the skilful weaponry but the fact it is a non-verbal piece.

The amazing cast don’t let us down in storytelling as they let their bodies do the talking, showing that physical comedy is a universal language. Not only does their bodies deliver comedy but some spectacular Martial Arts that will make your jaw drop, showing just how amazing the human body can be!

Jump is to theatre what Hong Kong star and director Stephen Chow is to film, an Asian comedy treat! Chow has had hits with the likes of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, so lets hope YeGam Inc follow up with many more top quality hits! What else can be said apart from Jump is just simply fantastic! Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself and be proven wrong!

Reviewer: Wayne Miller

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