Kids Play

Glenn Chandler
Boys of the Empire Productions
theSpace @ Niddry St

Kids Play

Boys of the Empire Productions is celebrating ten years on the Fringe with a brand new play Kids Play. It’s beautifully written and directed by Glenn Chandler and is a little gem of a production full of wit and gritty realism.

Married Greg Fellowes, impressively played by Gareth Watkins, is attending a convention in Brighton. He works in the insurance business but has a secret life on the Internet.

When gay 17-year-old student Theo arrives at his hotel, Greg is furious as he was having second thoughts about meeting him and sent Theo a text cancelling their arrangement.

He tells Theo that he can’t take the risk to which he replies, “but isn’t that what insurers do?” He’s told to leave but instead he gets undressed and into his pyjamas carrying his teddy bear called monkey.

Greg has a variety of sex toys in his bag from rope to handcuffs to an electric shock machine and some scary sadomasochistic equipment.

They have agreed a fee of £200 for this evening of sexual gratification but there is an unexpected twist that surprises and shocks the audience. I simply can’t give that away.

We learn that Theo has been with six other men who all have desires on this young man. There’s an ex-Headmaster in Leamington Spa and Peter in Macclesfield and many more.

Theo has been careful and has told his friend Martin where he is and he’ll phone him to say that he’s safe. But things take a sinister turn with unexpected results.

Both actors give stellar performances in a powerful, moving and emotional play that also has a heart, exploring what a lonely boy will do for love. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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