Barely Methodical Troupe
Assembly Rooms


Barely Methodical returns to this year’s Fringe with a revival of its highly successful show KIN. The six members of this talented company bring a dynamic blend of clowning and acrobatic skills with an unusual storyline in this impressive performance.

Each of the performers is wearing grey joggers with number patches on their leggings. It becomes obvious that this is some competition with a woman sitting at a desk with a red phone and a buzzer that stops their contributions, as she puts them through a series of strenuous physical ‘tests’ in order to select a winner who will become her partner.

They are all eager to impress. Number 19 performs a thrilling routine on a Cyr ring and is rewarded with a banana, much to the approval of the other contestants.

The sheer skill of the performers as they fly through the air to land on shoulders, hands, tumbling, climbing on heads is breathtaking. They create two-person-high towers draped in black coats that are visually stunning.

Their life stories are briefly explained to the judge. They are asked, “what are you afraid of?” But who will be chosen to be the judge's partner? And why does the phone ring but no one is there?

The almost impossible acrobatics leaves you breathless with their athleticism. The final high-energy seesaw sequence is stunningly exciting.

And when the phone is finally connected, they are told to… run. A captivating production.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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