Knock Knock

Hot Coals Theatre
Assembly Roxy

Clare-Louise English and Jo Sargeant

There is a man, true to his own nature and happy in his own skin. There is a woman, much the same and the two have much in common. They share rituals, they support each other, they have a mystic connection that is indefinable—they are soul mates…

This beautiful, understated play by Hot Coals charts the course of maturing love, of being true to ourselves and each other, and not being swayed by convention. They portray all of this effortlessly, joyfully and with incredible insight without uttering a word!

It truly is a gorgeous thing, from the detailed design (set, sound and lighting) to the simple props that are used to communicate a range of complex ideas. The understated skill of Clare-Louise English and Jo Sargeant, who convey such well-rounded, complete characters using only their physicality, is masterly.

Having laughed and smiled much of the way through the performance, I was staggered to realise I was suddenly moved to tears—this is a stunning piece of theatre that really tugs at the heart strings as much as it tickles the funny bone. And, by virtue of the lack of speech, it transcends language and is rendered universally accessible.

Reviewer: Tony Trigwell-Jones

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